“Dolci” (n) {m pl}: Sweets.
2/3 Dolci is an Italian dessert bar to let customers reminisce the simple sweet things in life.

“2/3 Dolci” represents our offering of Pasticceria ("pastry" in Italian), Gelato and Caffè, which is two-third sweet and one-third savory.  It also stands for our wish to tailor for Asian palate, as our desserts are two-third in sweetness compared to original Italian recipe.

We choose the highest quality ingredient and use the most authentic recipes. Our pastries are hand-made every day; Our gelato are 100% natural and the only slow-churned gelato in Hong Kong; Our coffees and teas are sourced in person from Italy; Our gourmet products such as chocolate and cookies are hand-made by artisan chefs.

We also customize pastries for special occasions and parties. We hope our sweetness can be shared by gourmet lovers and friends.


2/3 Dolci offers pastries that are painstakingly hand crafted by chefs daily. From the ladyfinger in our Tiramisu to the tart base in our famous 100% Pistachio Tart, we all made from scratch. We only select gourmet ingredients such as European imported chocolate, 100% pistachio paste from Italy, and pure Guava puree as we believe our customers should savour only the best.



2/3 Dolci is the only gelato artesian in Hong Kong using the method of “come una volta”, the old fashioned way, a slow-churn process since 1927. Compared to commercial gelato that holds up to 50% air within, our gelato has no more than 10% so we do not need to compensate with high-fat cream, heavy sugars and artificial flavours. Besides gelato in dessert cups, scoops in cups or cones and take-home package, we also offer Affogato.




2/3 Dolci offers true Italian coffee. Italy roasted and roasted in Italy, the espresso blend offers full bodied flavour made possible by the most innovative roasting method. Insisting on Italian tradition, we respect coffee in its truest form.

Besides, we also carry La Via Del Tè tea, a Florentine tea craftsmen since 1961, unique for 2/3 Dolci.  La Via del Tè has 2 tea shops in Florence and carries an extensive tea collections in Italy.


Our experienced chocolatier handcrafts every piece of chocolate locally with premium ingredients imported from Europe. From full-bodied dark chocolate carré to Sicilian pistachio-filled praline, our creations are unique to savour. To bring our 2/3 Dolci authentic gourmet experience home or share with a friend, please visit our shop to select imported Italian tea leafs, hand-made chocolate and cookies. Gift Set is also available now! 



2/3 Dolci offers a variety of gourmet products for your special occasions, parties and events. Please contact us for more information!
Feel free to email us at or call us at 3468 8670




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